creative space for film photography in the high desert
There is nothing so wrong as accepting a thing merely because men who have done things
say it should be so.
— Alfred Stieglitz


creative space for film photography in the high desert


we provide: 

  • a fully equipped B&W darkroom

  • shared workspace for digital editing

    (printer, scanner and wifi available)

  • lounge area filled with fine art photography books

  • exhibition space for regular showings




$20 per hour

chemistry included

(B&W only)



RC- $1.50 per 8x10 sheet

FB- $3 per 8x10 sheet

or bring your own


Co-working space is pay-what-you-will or pay-nothing-at-all


If you are new to the darkroom or need a refresher; private classes are available for developing and printing.

If you are seasoned in the darkroom; you can reserve time without a prior class. Please arrive 20-30min before your scheduled booking for a run-through of how our darkroom functions.

The co-working space and/or lounge area may be rented for private meetings and presentations, based on availability.

The gallery space is open for solo exhibitions.

For all inquiries and reservations:

a portion of all proceeds will go toward the portraits for the Daughters of the Desert project/collective