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January 13, 2019

Instructor: Ramona Rose

Location: Dodge and Burn Darkroom

Materials: notebook and pen, 35mm camera, one roll of b&w 35mm film.

Students are not required to have cameras for the class, but are strongly encouraged to bring their own film camera in if they have one. Bring a roll of film (or purchase film at the darkroom) and any questions about your camera.

This is a condensed lecture about the technical aspects of film photography, while referencing the masters of photography, to help further understand the choices

My intention is to :

1. Review our collection of fine art photography books and show a slide show of some stand-out photographers and the formats they worked in, as well as their subject matter.

2. Discuss and show different formats of film and the cameras so students can think about their options moving forward

3. Teach ISO, aperture, shutter speed, loading and shooting conditions, light meters, followed by questions

4. Talk about shooting and the general rules students may want to experiment with.

5. Give out assignments or have a discussion about projects for each individual


3:30-5pm optional additional section where I take a small group of people into the darkroom and explain the processes and help them do a negative print. (+$15)





November 25, 2018

An emulsion lift (or emulsion transfer) is when the emulsion layer is removed from a sheet of instant film and then transferred to a different surface.

Instructor: Carly Valentine

Location: Dodge and Burn Darkroom

Materials: 2 polaroids, paint brushes, scissors, watercolor paper. All materials will be provided.

We’ll meet at the darkroom and take a quick trip to shoot the images you’ll use for the workshop. When we return we’ll take the polaroids apart and begin the process of removing the emulsion. Your final images will be applied to the watercolor paper.

Fee: $20



November 4, 2018

photogram - a picture produced with photographic materials, such as light-sensitive paper, but without a camera.

Instructor: Carly Valentine

Location: Dodge and Burn Darkroom

Materials: Bring flora and other natural materials (no worries if you forget, I’ll have items that you can use). 2 sheets of photographic paper will be provided per person.

You’ll arrange the items of your choosing on the light-sensitive paper and expose it to light, using the photo enlargers, in the darkroom. I’ll then teach you how to develop the paper and we’ll hang them to dry. You can also use our scanner at the end of class if you’d like, so you’ll have a digital file of the image you created.

Fee: $20



June 10, 2018

Instructors: Ramona Rose, Zohn Mandel and Carly Valentine

Location: Dodge and Burn Darkroom, followed by an outdoor location nearby

Materials: notebook and pen, 35mm camera (we will lend you one if you don't have your own), one roll of b&w 35mm film (which we will provide for you)

We will begin with the fundamentals of operating a manual camera. Informational sheets and diagrams (describing each part of the camera and its function) will be distributed. Questions are welcomed. While indoors, we will load the film into our cameras.

While in the field, we will discuss the basic elements of design and composition. Each student will receive guidance on how to achieve an image based on their own artistic view.